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Your perfect family getaway awaits you at homestay Navarang Wayanad all inclusive of the perfect nature settings that you will ever witness. Play on with nature in early morning by getting to understand the various sounds from birds, spend time in soothing forests and enjoy the evening in comfortable and luxurious rooms in our resort.

Wayanad, Kerala, is the perfect holiday destination for the young and young at heart in search of a fun and vibrant holiday. The resort is tucked in a beautiful natural place in Wayanad and enhanced by its crystal clear waters and soothing forest cover surrounding the resort.

There is a conference room that can be used for business meetings and the rooms in the home stay are luxurious and will satisfy the needs of the guests without causing hole in the pocket.. Complimentary wi-fi connection is available and with its convenient location, it is a welcoming and charming hideaway, allowing for numerous recreational activities and friendly interaction between guests and staff.

A special ayurvedic rejuvenation program will be extended to our guests and more details can be had by visiting


We would serve our guests with sustainable menus and we would give our guests a chance to understand the local flavor more .We would make arrangements for romantic dinners for couples.

How do I arrange transportation to the resort?

This is the common question that a resort visitor would have. Wayanad is easily accessible by road and the nearest airport is Calicut International airport and then Mangalore airport. If you are coming by train alight at Calicut railway station. We would make arrangements for your transportation from these destinations to our place comfortably.